Japanese Knotweed Control and Management.

Although we control other invasive weeds we specialise in the control of Japanese knotweed. When treating Japanese knotweed there are strict guidelines and laws to adhere to so we have taken the necessary steps to make sure we are effective in controlling this invasive weed. We have attending the PCA Control and eradication of Japanese knotweed two day course and this taught us best practice and effective control measures. We are licensed in the administration of pesticides, with official City and Guilds qualifications NPTC codes PA1 and PA6. So you have piece of mind that we are competent and professional.

Why is Japanese Knotweed a problem?

Being a non – native species to the United Kingdom, Japanese knotweed is able to grow rapidly and in many cases dominate its surrounding environment. Unaffected by the natural controls such as predators and diseases that target the native flora, Japanese knotweed infestations can quickly spread. Japanese knotweed is classed as an invasive weed in the UK and is included in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, making it an offence to ‘plant or otherwise cause Japanese knotweed to grow in the wild’. Significant costs can result from the presence of Japanese knotweed growing in urban environments due to the damage it can cause to property.

What damage can Japanese Knotweed Cause?

Japanese knotweed is able to colonise a variety of urban and rural environments. Due to its ability to exploit weaknesses in construction material, such as concrete and tarmac, new knotweed growth can cause damage to structures and roads thus affecting the value of property as it rapidly develops. As Japanese knotweed grows along riverbanks it is able to colonise large areas as stems and rhizomes are carried downstream to ultimately spread the infestation causing severe damage to flood defence structures. Ecosystems can be disrupted by the presence of Japanese knotweed pwhich can starve the surrounding native plants of resources, seriously impacting on the delicate balance of local food chains.

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